Alice M. Phillips

Welcome! I am an art historian and archivist with a passion for museums, historical fiction, and creative endeavors. My research focuses on nineteenth-century French Symbolist art, particularly Gustave Moreau, and on the history of supernatural beliefs, spiritualist sťances, and early psychology. I am also inspired by Irish art and culture, Surrealism, Gothic architecture, and the Pre-Raphaelites. I have worked at art museums in the United States and Paris and presented at a conference of esoteric scholars at Cambridge University. I am also occasionally a visual artist, Celtic fiddle musician and step-dancer, member of a Renaissance faire stage combat troupe, and facsimile artist of rare historical medical books for the University of Iowa Libraries.

Please visit "Fiction" above for a free preview of my historical fiction novel The Eighth Day Brotherhood (Black Rose Writing, 2016).

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